Types of Coffee Beans Roast, There Characteristics and Flavor Variations

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Roasting coffee transforms the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee products. The roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavor of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to change in taste. We will show the different types of roast for the coffee beans, there color and flavor. Also the level of the roast will depend on your preference and origin of the beans. There are eight types of coffee roast, they are;
  • Cinnamon Roast
          Cinnamon Roast Coffee Bean
   After a few minutes, the beans will reach this level. Just before the          crack, at this point beans have a sharp acidic tone and straw like              character.
  Color - Light Brown
  Roasting Temperature - 385 °F (196 °C) 
  • New England Roast
          New England Roast Coffee Beans
         Around the first crack, some specialty roasters would stop at this
         point to highlight bright acidic flavors in the beans. 
         Color - Slightly darker but still moderately light
         Roasting Temperature - 401 °F (205 °C)


  • American Roast 
         American Roast Coffee Beans
         The beans get darker, and this is a sing that the coffee will have more             body and less brightness. The point, just after the first crack, is still                 considered a light medium roast.


                 Color - Medium Brown

                 Roasting Temperature - 410 °F (210 °C)


  • City Roast 
          City Roast Coffee Beans
          This is around the sweet spot for many specialty roasters, just before              the second crack.
    Color - Medium Brown
    Roasting Temperature - 426 °F (219 °C)
  • Full city Roast
          Full City Roast Coffee Beans
           At the beginning of the second crack, the beans are full bodied and                 starting to lose their original character.
    Color - Darker Brown
    Roasting Temperature - 437 °F (225 °C)
  • Vienna Roast
          Vienna Roast Coffee Benas
          The bean start to become coated in oil and turn darker. At this point                 they will make coffee with bitter-sweet spicy notes and very little, if                 any brightness.
    Color - Dark Brown
    Roasting Temperature - 446 °F (230 °C)
  • French Roast
          French Roast Coffee Benas
           At the tail end of the second crack, the French Roast is a common                  level for espresso roasting. Most original flavor has now been lost as              charred burnt notes take over.
   Color - Very Dark Brown
   Roasting Temperature - 464 °F (240 °C)
  • Italian Roast 
          Italian Roast Coffee Benas
          Bean become very dark and shiny. At this point the burnt tones                        completely take over the coffee.
          Color - Black
          Roasting Temperature - 473 °F (245 °C)

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